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At < 6 ppm (mg/L) Nothing has the lowest TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Ever recorded for a natural (untreated) spring water

Nothing is the only natural spring water complying with FDA’s criteria of less than 10 ppm

TDS" set for the definition of “Purified (or Distilled) Water”.

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Nothing’s unmatched purity begins with the glacial process…

Nothing water is comprised of glacier melts, rainfall, and snowmelt.

When the glacier retreated, it stripped the mountaintops of vegetation; consequently, there is little plant life that would put organic contaminants in norwegian springs as it begins its journey atop the mountain wilderness.

When the glacier retreated, it left behind large gravel and sand deposits that serve as natural filters for nothing water. Normally, when water percolates through rock, the minerals in the rock leach into the water. Because the climate where the isbre spring is located remains cold year round, this mineral infiltration does not occur.

In the osa valley beneath the mountain range, nothing water collects in a subterranean aquifer. Thanks to the deposits left behind by the glacier, this aquifer is a rare “encapsulated” artesian formation, protecting isbre spring from ground contamination.

As a result, water water completes its geological journey as pure as it began thus making it the world’s purest spring water.